The Osmio Professional Licensing Board

Until the middle of the twentieth century, people knew that an organization’s financial statements could be trusted because they were signed by a licensed professional who was individually responsible for their accuracy. If it was signed by Arthur Andersen, then Arthur himself was putting his livelihood on the line with his signature.

Then in the U.S. and elsewhere the law changed so that a group of people collectively calling itself Arthur Andersen could sign those assertions. No individual's good name and professional livelihood were jeopardized if the assertions proved untrue. The resulting group signatures on documents containing highly questionable claims led to debacles such as the collapse of Enron and a serious erosion of trust in financial audits and in the auditing profession.

In the digital world, the consequences of inauthenticity can be seen everywhere. Because the identity of individuals has not been available, accountability is virtually absent. And the reliability of identity is the foundation of all accountability. As it is, the lack of individual assertions of identity, sites, and content on the internet means that inauthenticity, fraud, and malware runs rampant. How can you trust that people you deal with online are who they say they are? How can you trust that a piece of software doesn't contain some hidden agenda?

The City of Osmio brings back individual accountability for claims and representations made in online spaces via its professional licensing program.

One of the reasons that professional licensing has been so effective in the physical world is that professional licensees tend to enjoy a very comfortable income from their services. The prospect of losing that income motivates professional licensees to practice with diligence.

The intention of the Osmio Professional Licensing Board is to use that same model to bring new levels of diligence to the digital world, by showing that paying professional licensees well is in every relying party’s best interest.

What is required?

In order to obtain a professional license, you will need

  • A Digital Birth Certificate ™ identity credential
  • A suitable background, as determined by standards set by the Professional Licensing Board
  • Evidence of an established record of integrity
  • A passing grade on the appropriate licensing examination

The various professional licenses in Osmio are valid for different periods, as set by the responsible commissions.

Perhaps one of Osmio’s professional licenses represents a skill of yours. If you have a demonstrable track record of integrity and relevant skills, inquire about being considered for an Osmio Professional License.

Osmio Professional Licenses