Regional capital services for communities

Own your members' most important destination

If you manage an association or otherwise aggregate an audience, you face decisions about where the audience gathers. Your annual conference provides a place where your members get together and share news of the profession, industry, or avocation. Knowing that they'll be with qualified members of the profession provides real value to them - and to your organization - for a few days a year.

The rest of the year they hang out, like most people, in some form of social media.

Shouldn't you be the one to provide that social space?

And wouldn't your members appreciate knowing that their online space is like the annual conference in that they know they'll be rubbing shoulders only with other qualified members of their peer group?

That assurance just isn’t available with traditional social media, where anyone can claim to be anyone.

In an online community built and governed with the Community Component of Osmio’s Quiet Enjoyment Infrastructure, you can offer your members and those who serve them an assurance that everyone’s claim of identity is measurably reliable.

To learn more, contact Global Villages, Inc., a licensed provider of online community services that support the Community Component of Osmio’s Quiet Enjoyment Infrastructure.