Governance of the Information Infrastructure

Over centuries, people have struggled to bring participatory governance to geographically-defined spaces (nations, states and provinces, municipalities).

Now, with our information spaces, we’re starting over.

One might say that your relationship with the maker of your phone or computer – a private enterprise – should not need participatory governance.

Perhaps that’s true.

If you do feel that that is true, then Osmio should have nothing to do with that relationship.

We’re not suggesting that a private company should be compelled by some kind of law to adopt participatory governance. However, if that company finds its customers switching to the participatory governance model of a competitor, it will experience the desired effect.

We have allowed makers of computers, operating systems, social networks and various online services to become governments. The leadership of those governments is with small groups consisting of managements and boards of directors.

If you agree that that needs to be reversed, you’ve come to the right place.

Learn how you can become active in the governance of your information home and the information spaces of which it is part.

How Do I Get Involved?