Departments and commissions

Vital Records

Oversees operation of the Vital Records Department (VRD), which is the Osmio certification authority that creates, maintains, and protects identity certificates.

Certification Practices

Writes the certification practice statements (CPS) that govern all Osmio certifications.


Ensures the Osmio ordinances are consistent with Quiet Enjoyment standards and that Quiet Enjoyment standards are consistent with each other.

Professional Licensing

Oversees certification for professional licenses:

  • Attestation Officer
  • Architect
  • Contractor
  • Building Inspector
  • Script Auditor
  • Public Accommodations Inspector
  • Addressing Engineer
  • Roadway Engineer
  • Bit stream Vehicle Inspector
  • Information Custodian
  • Signing Officer
  • Penetration Tester
  • Digital Currency Co-Signing Officer
  • The City Planner
  • Authenticity Engineer
  • Personal Assistant
  • Blockchain Officer
  • Reporter’s Credential
  • Advertiser’s Credential
  • Server Identity Manager
  • Review Auditor

Privacy Protection

Oversees the infrastructure for personal information ownership and protection.


By what standards are we assured that an information facility is habitable – that is, secure and manageable? By treating it as an indoor space, we apply old established principles of occupancy permits and building codes to provide that assurance.

Public Works

It used to be called Information Highway, and the name still fits. The Web is simply a layer of signage and markings that finish the outdoor public transport system known as the Internet. Osmio offers indoor offices to the Internet governance agencies that have managed the outdoor highway so well over the years.


The device and operating system you're using to connect to this page can be considered a vehicle on the public information roadway. Since others on the roadway can be affected if it has problems, it should meet public safety standards.

Planning and Zoning

Oversees the management of real estate – from secure indoor spaces (online buildings) to public outdoor spaces (such as browsers)

Community Services

Manages policy and oversight of online communities who adopt Osmio’s ordinances and jurisdiction.

Law Enforcement

Manages policy and oversight of the response to reports of breach of Quiet Enjoyment.

Municipal Charter

Writes and modifies the Municipal Charter of the City of Osmio

Economic Development

Develops plans for promotion of Authenticity and for the growth of the City of Osmio and the communities for which it serves as capital.