Osmio's Owners and Builders – YOU

Just as you own the city where you live, your residence in Osmo means that YOU own the City of Osmio. Help make your city into the global source of Authenticity that it was chartered to be!

Everyone wants privacy for themselves, and everyone wants accountability from everyone else. Everyone wants secure online spaces that are safe from intrusion and spying. The City of Osmio is here to provide privacy and accountability and security to people who choose to avail themselves of it.

Unlike governments, which must impose laws and policies on people who happen to live in a geographic jurisdiction, Osmio is free of geography. Only those who voluntarily choose to be subject to Osmio's ordinances and standards are subject to them.

Those ordinances and standards are built upon two infrastructures:

  • The Quiet Enjoyment Infrastructure, providing the technical and procedural means of delivering privacy, accountability, and security - all at the same time.
  • Optimocracy, our system of governance that says that anyone who has an identity credential of minimum quality and who is qualified and prepared to commit the necessary time and effort, maybe a commissioner or otherwise participate in governance.

There is still a lot of work to do on the underlying Quiet Enjoyment Infrastructure and Optimocracy, let alone the application of those infrastructures in the practical governance of the city. Whether your talents relate to principles and standards, or the practical application of those principles and standards in day-to-day operations, those talents and skills of yours are needed!

Look around, find something that you think would benefit from your input, and join us in making The City of Osmio into the source of real Authenticity for the world's information infrastructure.

How far along is Osmio in its development?

While we make progress every day, creating an infrastructure that solves for its users all of the major problems with the world's information infrastructure is a huge undertaking. Osmio today provides an increasingly complete roadmap to Authenticity, but it's still more of a roadmap than a working infrastructure.

One entity is still missing – one entity that will make it real.

That entity is you.