Standards, methods, and procedures

The ordinances of every jurisdiction in the developed world make use of building codes, roadway standards, and other systems of standards, and Osmio is no different. Osmio’s system of standards is called the Quiet Enjoyment Infrastructure.

The Quiet Enjoyment Infrastucture

Osmio’s founders believe that online spaces can benefit from the adoption of the physical world’s distinction between indoor spaces and outdoor spaces. “Quiet Enjoyment” is a real estate term, summarizing in two words the obligations of a property owner to its tenant. The Quiet Enjoyment Infrastructure merges centuries-old standards and methods from the world of real estate with newer standards and methods from organizations such as these:

  • IETF Public-Key Infrastructure (X.509) (pkix) Working Groups including groups based on RSA PKCS

  • IEEE 1363-2000 - Standard Specifications for Public-Key Cryptography

  • ISO 15782-1:2003 Certificate management for financial services Part 1: Public key certificates

  • The Sovrin Foundation

  • Kantara Initiative

  • eIDAS 910/2014

  • W3C Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) v0.11

  • W3C Verifiable Claims Task Force

  • FIDO Alliance

The Quiet Enjoyment Infrastructure is a set of inventions, plans and standards which can be universally deployed to provide online authenticity (measurable trustworthiness of assertions), which in turn begets a secure and manageable information environment.

QEI consists of twelve parts, called components, that fall into three groups: People, Places and Things.