City commissions

Public policy in Osmio is set by the City Council and by City Commissions. Each Commission elects a moderator, and together the Council and the Commissions elect a Chief Moderator, who also holds the title of Mayor.

Anyone can be a Commissioner. Anyone can, that is, who has the time and ability to follow the various discussions that take place within their chosen commission and who can pass a test on those issues. Tests are developed and maintained by the Testing Commission, which gets its input from the discussions themselves.

Tests must not only be passed regularly, but the records must show that each Commissioner has clicked on each page of discussion and has been present at a required minimum of synchronous discussions.

Optimocracy has a tendency to diffuse emotional appeals and to limit the effectiveness of aggressive campaigning, because every Commissioner is by definition reasonably informed on all issues and all points of view.

City council

The Osmio City Council consists of twelve members. Four members are appointed from among Commissioners by the Chief Moderator, four places are reserved for appointment by the Secretary General of the International Telecommunication Union or his or her nominee, and four members are Officers of the City. These include the City Manager, the CTO, the CIO, and an additional Officer appointed by the City Manager.

The City of Osmio has no physical manifestation, that is, it is an entirely online municipality. Most meetings take place online, using both synchronous (realtime) and asynchronous ("forum") methods; however, every three years a physical meeting of the City Council is held in Geneva.

Current hearings before the council

None scheduled.