Geneva - Osmio's Birthplace and Heritage

We Osmians like to think of our city as the online counterpart to Geneva, a headquarters location for NGOs and government-related organizations that provide standards and governance to worldwide communications, trade, and property rights issues.


On March 7, 2005 the City of Osmio was chartered at the Geneva headquarters of the oldest international governance body in the world, the International Telecommunication Union. On that day, Osmio inherited the goals of the ITU’s recently terminated PKI called the World e-Trust Initiative, and at the same time became completely independent of the ITU.

Key Ceremony

On September 12, 2017, seven representatives of The Authenticity Institute gathered in Geneva to conduct a formal ceremony to create Osmio's root certificate and key pair.

A key ceremony has the goal of not only creating sensitive key material, but to reach an overwhelming consensus that it was generated in a cryptographically secure manner and in such a way that no one could have made unauthorized copies.


The story of the founding of The City of Osmio

Summary of the Osmio Key Ceremony