License 10: Bitstream Vehicle Inspector's License

Everyone is putting packets onto the public roadways all the time. Typically, but not always, the responsible party is the vendor of a device with an IP stack, which would be analogous to the maker of a self-driving car.

The answer to the question of who is responsible if a self-driving physical vehicle causes damage is simple: the signing officer of the maker of the car, who must be a holder of a Professional Vehicle Operator's License. They may be indemnified by their employer, but the damaged party doesn't car about those arrangements. The damaged party just needs to know that an identifiable human being is responsible.

There is precisely no difference between a physical self-driving vehicle and a network card or IoT device in this instance. In both cases the device's license to drive must be signed by a Signing Officer.

An individual who puts packets directly onto the net must have a Personal Vehicle Operator's License.

The packet streams themselves carry a digital license plate that ties them to the holder of the professional license, although the connection can only be disclosed when there has been an issue that creates a right and need to know.