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Answers this Authenticity question:

Question: Reliable digital identity certificates, professional licenses, and occupancy permits call for a reliable source of issuing public authority that is independent of any geographic jurisdiction. Where do we find such a source of duly constituted global public authority?

Answer: On March 7, 2005, the City of Osmio was chartered at the Geneva headquarters of the oldest international governance body in the world, the International Telecommunication Union. On that day, Osmio inherited the goals of the ITU’s recently terminated PKI - called the World e-Trust Initiative - and at the same time became completely independent of the ITU.

Osmio’s Vital Records Department is a certification authority that limits its practice to creating, maintaining, and protecting identity certificates. Osmio’s Professional Licensing Department issues certificate-based licenses that allow architects, contractors, and building inspectors of non-physical facilities to sign plans for facilities and occupancy permits, among other professional licenses.

While the Public Authority Component may appear to oppose the principle of decentralization, Osmio's governance is as participatory as that of a small New England town. Osmio is owned by, and governed in an open and accessible way by, those who accept its authority as a source of attestation of identity and professional licensing. There is no dark bureaucracy between you and Osmio. Those who run the CA server are directly accountable to you.