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The ONTOLOGY component

Answers this Authenticity question:

Question: Strict definitions of terms reduces confusion in the world of building codes and permits. Can terminology standards reduce rampant “FUD factor” confusion in information technology?

Answer: What information technology provides to the online world is no more mysterious than what architects, contractors, and property managers provide to the physical world. The Ontology Component requires the use of standardized terminology in the permitting of new facilities. By using the well-understood language of real estate, management can finally direct information technology, rather than the other way around.

As you can see, the real estate theme is not just an illustrative metaphor. QEI is indeed about indoor spaces. Think about it: where do you go to get things done, to pursue your life’s various agendas? While we enjoy the outdoors, we get things done in buildings.

Some people a long time ago told us that the Internet was a highway and that our use of it resembled the use of a highway. Fine. A principal use of highways is to bring us to buildings. Learning, shopping, and doing business by the side of a busy highway is just a nutty idea. It is the source of our problems.