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Article IX


Section 9.01 Charter Revision; Effective Date

The Charter revision shall be in full force and effect for all purposes on and after September 21, 2016.

Section 9.02 Organization of Government

At the first or second regular meeting following the election of members to the Governing Body, the Governing Body shall organize itself, select a deputy chief moderator, and conduct such other business as may be appropriate.

Section 9.03 Officers and Employees

A. Rights and Privileges Preserved. Nothing in this Charter, except as otherwise specifically provided, shall affect or impair the rights or privileges of persons who are appointed City officers or employees at the time of its effective date. Upon the effective date of this Charter, all appointed officers and employees of the City shall remain in office until removed as provided for or as authorized in this Charter.

B. Personnel System. Any person who is a merit employee of the City at the time this Charter takes full effect, shall remain in the same legal status as existed prior to the effective date of the Charter, and shall remain subject to the City personnel system.